The Amenities include both non-healthcare service amenities and health-related services usually not covered by insurance. Other service amenities may be offered from time to time, and these may be subject to limitations.

» Individual Healthcare with a Focus on Prevention
» 24/7 Direct Access to Dr. Scelfo via his personal cellular phone  
» Limited patient membership 
» Individual, Couple and Family plans
» Same Day / Next Day - urgent/emergency Appointments 
» Fitness Counseling

» Your Choice of a 1 Hour consultation with a Nutritionist, Physical Therapist or Family Counselor (Adult Membership Only)

» Referral Coordination and Scheduling
» Preventative Care Focus
» 90 minute Initial Comprehensive Consultation and Physical

» 1 hour Annual Physical Examination

» 30 minutes of personal care for each appointment
» Designated parking area 
» Upscale office design 
» Private reception area
» Phone/Fax/Web Access
» In office blood draw for lab work
» One Hour consultation with a PPC consultant of your choice (Adult Membership Only):  

Routine Medical Services Included

» Subspecialty liason  

» Individualized health care with a focus on prevention  

» Personal health plan and routine monitoring

» Full service care including hospitalized care

» Coordination and facilitation of your appointments with specialist

» Limited patient membership
You will no longer be just another chart on the wall. Limited membership allows Dr. Scelfo and the Personalized Primary Care staff the ability to know and understand each patient's personal health care needs. In addition, you will no longer experience extended wait times in crowded impersonal lobby areas. Dr. Scelfo values your time as much as you do. Our commitment at Personalized Primary Care is to provide a private comfortable environment while preparing for your designated appointment time.

» 24/7 Access to Dr. Scelfo via his personal cellular phone
Remember when you were not allowed access to your physician outside of "Bankers' Hours"? Dr. Scelfo and the Personalized Primary Care staff will provide 24/7 access whether you are in your living room or traveling abroad. Reach Dr. Scelfo by email, fax or office phone. In addition, you will be provided a direct contact number to Dr. Scelfo for any acute healthcare needs. This will help to prevent those non-emergency visits to the walk-in clinics and hospital emergency rooms with their unknown physicians and wait times extending into several hours.

» Same day/Next day appointments
All appointments will be scheduled at your request. Nearly all members will be accommodated with an appointment for acute care on a same day as needed basis. On rare occasions, follow up appointments will be scheduled for the next day.

» One Hour consultation with a PPC consultant of your choice
As a member of Personalized Primary Care and you have been seen for you initial comprehensive consultation, PPC will give you the contact information on the consultant of your choice for you to call and schedule a convenient time for you. Should you decide that you would like additional follow up care, you would need to make arrangements with the Consultant.

  • Consultation with Nutritionist: Yvette Baca
  • Consultation with Life and Family Consultant: Eileen Crawford, MS, LMHC
  • Consultation with Physical Therapist: Kelly Matoska, PT

» Subspecialty Liason

Dr. Scelfo and staff will help coordinate and expedite your referral through a select group of subspecialty consultants while the staff will arrange for insurance authorization. This will prevent cancelled appointment and lengthy delays for those anxious times when specialty care is necessary.