ACCESS- We provide peace of mind with guaranteed physician access. You will be provided with Dr. Scelfo’s personal cell phone number for 24 hour direct access for urgent issues. You are guaranteed an appointment within 24 hours of your request and for urgent cases you will be seen same day even if it must be after hours. If your conditions require ER management, special arrangements may be made at FHC to improve your experience and for other ERs,they will be available to discuss your medical history with your physicians. There will be no greater than a 15 minute wait time for your appointment upon arrival if you are on time (generally there will be no wait time).

2: PREVENTION AND EARLY AND AGGRESSIVE DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT OF DISEASE: Your current conditions will be addressed and managed appropriately and you will be evaluated for your risk of disease development and proactive prevention methods will be discussed and instituted to prevent future disease as opposed to waiting until issues develop and retroactive disease management. Also, prevention screening will be performed based on current national guidelines- these include women’s issues, immunizations, tobacco use, hypertension (high blood pressure), colon cancer screening, weight management, cholesterol screening and evaluation of cardiovascular risk (heart disease).

3. EDUCATION: With the extended amount of time with Dr. Scelfo at each office visit, minimum of 30 minutes with each appointment and at least 90 minutes on initial appointment, a priority will be placed on patient education. Your issues and risks will be addressed and goals of medical management will be discussed. You will understand the treatment plan – medications, tests and necessary procedures – and you will understand not only how we will manage your issues but also why we are making the recommendations that we make. This will allow you to take an active role in your own health care.