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  • The day that I knew there had to be a better alternative to the frenzied and overwhelmed traditional medical practice was the comment that I received from the last doctor I visited to try and get to the root of what turned out to be a fairly simple medical problem that I was having. After spending over an hour in the waiting room, I finally got in to see the doctor. As I handed him a list of the symptoms I had experienced in the last few months (I was tired of explaining it over and over again each time I got in to see a doctor), his comment was, “I don’t have time to read this, I can only spend four minutes with you and then I am on to my next patient.”

    After choosing Dr. Scelfo as my primary physician, I can say without hesitation that it has literally changed my life and my health. For my family and I, this is medicine the way it should be. When I hear friends complain about getting an appointment with their doctor or not being able to reach him/her with questions, I let them know about Dr. Scelfo. We are able to get an appointment the same day we call and we have access to him by phone whenever we need him. With two kids and a full time job, it is such a benefit to have that kind of immediate access and information when you need it. More than just being at ease knowing that your doctor is just a phone call away, the level of care that our family has received is beyond compare to anything we have ever experienced. We see him when we need to, we speak directly to him when there are any questions or issues and he knows our medical history better than any doctor we have ever been associated with. The kids love him too, which says a lot when they know he is either giving them a shot or he’s taking their blood! When our son busted his head playing basketball, we by-passed the four hour wait in the emergency room and called Dr. Scelfo. Forty minutes from the time he had his mishap, he was back home eating ice-cream with three stitches in his head.

    Every friend that I have referred has had the same experience. They marvel at the convenience and are amazed at the level of care and attention, and say they could never go back to a traditional practice. I would agree whole heartedly—our health is too important. There are no words strong enough to endorse what Dr. Scelfo is doing with his approach to medicine. Having personal access to a top-notch physician and the appropriate amount of time with him when we go in for a visit, gives our family the best medical care that is available. I have seen it make a difference in our lives and the lives of my family and friends. This is truly the way medicine should be.

    -- Jim Matoska, Executive Vice President, Ginn Real Estate