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  • "I asked the people at the Rippe Assessment for a suggestion for a primary care physician. They recommended Dr. James G. Scelfo. At our very first consultation Mrs. Gordon and I were greatly pleased with Dr. Scelfo's friendly, kind, and caring attitude. This combined with his knowledge and professional approach, as well as his aggressive determination to keep us healthy, convinced us that we had happily found our new primary care physician!

    "On that first visit; Dr. Scelfo followed up on the results of the Rippe Assessment findings. In my case, because of my family history of heart problems, he and Dr. Salah W. Din, a cardiologist who does part of his work at Celebration Health, put me through a number of heart tests over a period of time. They concluded by what the test showed, along with knowledge of my vigorous work and travel schedule, in addition to the energy that I had as a 67 year old man, that my heart was functioning adequately; however, with my family history of heart trouble they decided it would be wise to put me through the ultimate heart test - a heart cath. They were both shocked that the artery supplying blood to the left ventricle of the heart was 85% occluded. This artery has been nicknamed "The Widow Maker". This is one example of why I am so pleased with Dr. Scelfo as our family doctor because of the fact that he recommended and it was carried through that I was given double bypass heart surgery. You can see by the experience I just related that Dr. Scelfo and Dr. Din saved my life.

    "After finding out that Mrs. Gordon and I were married for 47 1/2 years, he made the comment, 'I am going to help keep you healthy so that I can have an invitation to your 75th wedding anniversary.'

    "Mrs. Gordon and I are extremely pleased to give Dr. Scelfo our enthusiastic recommendation!"

    -- Malcolm D. Gordon, President, Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists